When it comes to preventive medicine, insurance complicates more than it helps.  Even in Acute-Care medicine, insurance often comes with hidden high expenses.  Direct Primary Care allows for comprehensive care with transparent ahead-of-time pricing.  I recommend having a less-expensive, high-deductible, HSA-compatible health insurance plan in addition to InnerHealth MD practice membership. Over time, redirecting the savings toward restorative, healing, and educational care will prove to be less expensive than the status quo of fixing what’s broken.

  • This practice does not participate with any health insurance or government payors. Government payors may never be billed for services from this office.
  • Some private health insurance plans offer some coverage for out-of-network medical care. In some cases, patients may request a visit ‘superbill’ which may be submitted by the patients to their insurance plan for reimbursement. (Bill totals may never exceed their annual payment by law.)
  • Consider a high-deductible, HSA-compatible health insurance plan for the significant health care tests, emergencies, and hospitalizations that can’t be predicted.