Our Story

Making a healthcare decision is often complicated by emotional, physical, social, and cultural factors. Not having enough time with patients is a challenge. Unfortunately, financial and pricing uncertainty gets in the way, too. Direct Primary Care is an attempt to simplify the expense side of the process and make it transparent using a simple monthly or annual fee.

  • For acute care needs, you call, email, or text us, and we make time for you promptly (in person, by phone, or by email).  You can use our in-office pharmacy or lab tests at steeply discounted prices (to save some of the money you’ve directed into practice memberships fees), or you can get medications or labs elsewhere in the valley – you choose.
  • InnerHealthMD is a holistic integrative medicine family practice – Western medicine blended with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and a Functional Medicine approach.
  • We work together to explore your health goals and map out a plan for the year.
    • You have an annual planning session with Dr. Archie to look at your medical history, family history, exercise, nutrition, stressors, physical exam, and risk factors.
    • Some follow-up visits will be in person, some by phone or telemedicine video, and others by email.
    • We offer group educational visits with 4-5 patients with similar goals or conditions.
    • We are motivated to help you realize your healing potential.
  • This is a simple, direct relationship with Dr. Archie and his staff.
  • No copays, no purchasing decision to get in the way of making a healthcare decision. Simplicity.
Our Plan