InnerHealth MD Membership Program

InnerHealth MD is a “Direct Primary Care” integrative family medicine practice for patients of all ages.

  • A doctor-patient partnership which is simple, personal, and direct. It removes the middle man (the insurance company), so that I am able to spend the time I need with patients.
  • Affordable monthly fee (like your cable or phone bill) or can be paid annually
  • Wide range of medical modalities and perspectives
  • In-office pharmacy and lab tests at steeply discounted prices (to save some of the money you’ve directed into practice memberships fees). You can get medications or labs elsewhere in the valley – you choose. (Our in-office pharmacy does not include controlled substances.)

I treat people with acute infections and injuries, as well as complex medical problems. Spending time to explore options and create comprehensive plans for healing doesn’t fit well into the corporate medicine model based on quantity, regulations, and checking all the boxes. I know….because I’ve tried.

InnerHealth MD Care Plan (Membership is a single fee paid monthly or annually.)

  • Annual ‘Path to Wellness’ Executive History & Physical (& any other preventive physicals)
    • Planning Session – What are your health goals, and how can we best achieve them this year?
  • Full service Integrative Primary Care including: Western, Functional/Holistic, & Chinese Medicine modalities
  • Unlimited MD visits, Nurse visits, lab draws
  • Same day & next day appointments for more urgent issues – Minimal wait times
  • Electronic Medical Record integrated with Communication via your own phone, email or text (no more logging onto an online portal to contact us)
  • Medical management of chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, immune dysfunction, arthritis, high blood pressure, endocrine/hormone/thyroid disorders, depression, etc.)
  • Coordination of your care with other medical specialists as needed
  • Medical education & Group Visits (ex: diabetes/asthma/COPD self-care and prevention, meditation, nutrition, GI health, immune health, etc.)
  • Includes up to 4 Acupuncture treatments annually (discounted additional acupuncture treatments $75 each)
  • Access to wholesale medications as available (Direct Primary Care practices have collective purchasing power for medications)
  • Access to wholesale laboratory tests as available
  • Injection administration (injectable medications and vaccinations billed separately)
  • Discounted non-emergent home visits and other services for those items not included in the basic plan
  • In-Hospital care will be managed by the hospitalist team at St. Luke’s and billed to insurance by St. Luke’s.